Personal Projects:

Time Crunch Trivia

I developed Time Crunch Trivia, an iOS app available on the App Store that lets users challenge each other in exciting trivia challenges. This app was build using SwiftUI, and I created a custom API to support real-time challenges and ensure a smooth user experience. The app has garnered a significant user base with many daily active users!


I developed Nexus Films, a web-app that allows users to interact with their favorite films all in one place. The site offers a detailed review process, breaking ratings into 5 unique categories. Users can save their favorites to a list, where they can sort and rank films. Reviews and lists can be shared between groups of users, so you can see what others are watching and even create group watchlists.

Reed Family Light Show

The Reed Family Light Show started in 2014 and has grown into a Connecticut Shoreline tradition. The show features over 10,000 programmable RGB pixels synchronized to music through our radio station. This project construction includes fully customed programmed songs and custom-built controllers that communicate over a local network with a series of Raspberry Pis to control the show.

Notable School Projects:

Cookbook +

As a final project for Web Development, I worked with a team to create this full-stack web app. Cookbook+ allowed users to create accounts, browse and filter recipes, and create their own cookbooks. This site used Node.JS on the backend to communicate with recipe APIs and store user information in MongoDB.